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Our EU-VAT Identnumber (EU-VAT-ID) is DE317626944.

We generally keep large quantities of all items offered in the shop in stock. Therefore we can ship immediately after we got your order and payment in most cases.

At each product, you can see a stock status icon near the order icon. Please leave the mouse for some seconds over the stock icon. A tooltip will pop up and explaining the stock icon for this product: 


If you need a higher amount of a product or if you want to get sure, you can contact us. Please let us know the product name and the amount you need. 

    To clarify this we are using two terms on our website:

    Lead Time: This is the time we need until we can hand over your order to a parcel service.

    The lead time depends on the order payment type/progress and the availability of the ordered goods. 
    It goes from a few hours (i.e. order time in the morning, payment done with PayPal / credit card, goods are in stock) up to weeks, i.e. if a product is not in stock and has a long supply time.

    Shipping Time: This is the time a parcel service needs to transport the order from us to the recipient.

    It depends on the destination country, shipping mode and other circumstances, like customs clearance. Our shipping calculator shows the average shipping time in business days determined from the parcel services, depending on the destination country and shipping mode. Average shipping time means, that there can be delays. Delays can occur at times with high parcel volumes, like around christmas. Customs clearances necessary in coutries outside the EU can lead to additional delays too, in worst cases up to several weeks (in general customs clearance is really fast). We don't have much influence on the shipping time.

    Shipping restrictions

    We ship worldwide except North Korea.

    For orders above 200 Euro, we do not charge for shipping anywhere within the countries of the EU! This applies for standard shipments using the parcel service DHL.

    For orders below this amount and for shipments outside of these countries, our online shop calculates fair shipping costs based on our own costs.

    You can also view the shipping costs on the following page without first having to put products into your cart: Online Shipping Cost Calculator

    If you are not sure about the weight of a product simply choose the link „Calculate shipping costs“ which you can find next of each item in the shop.

    If you specified a valid email address during your order, we will send you a shipping notification as soon as we packed your order.

    We are able to offer you standard- or Cash on Delivery shipments using DHL or Express shipments with DHL Express services. The Onlineshop will show you the available shipping options and costs for your address during the ordering process.

    Please note: Cash on Delivery is only available in some few countries!

    As alternative you can give us your account number for another parcel service of your choice, like FEDEX, UPS, TNT. We will inform you if the parcel is ready for shipment, then you can order the pickup at your parcel service. Please choose "Pickup through customer" during the order process and insert your parcel service and your account number in the order remark.